Our History

Interior of Greens Office Outfitters early 1900s.
Illustration of Greens Office Outfitters
Pearl and Joseph Green

Pearl and Joseph Green

Joseph Green, seen here in a portrait with his wife Pearl, is the original founder of our business, which was named Green’s Office Outfitters.

Joseph was born in March of 1879 in Russia. He came to the United States in the 1890’s.

Joseph founded the business around 1910 and was located at 8-16 Green Street, just off State Street and across from the former Keeler’s Men’s Bar in downtown Albany, New York.

Joseph Green passed away on June 12, 1946.

Original storefront of Greens Office Outfitters circa 1920s or 1930s..

Transitioning Ownership

Our current owner Bill Nathan, Joseph Green’s grandson, immediately began his career at Green’s Office Outfitters after graduating from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in 1964. At the time, the company was being run by Bill’s great uncle George H. Green. Bill mostly worked in the office supply department, until he was promoted to manager of the office furniture department in 1972. At this time the office furnishings department had moved to its own location at 374 Broadway, Albany, NY.

Unfortunately in 1975, the old Green Street location had a large fire, forcing to move into the Broadway location.

In 1979, the office furniture department moved to 3 South Pearl Street in the National Savings Bank building to create a showroom.

In 1984, Bill bought the furniture department and assets of Green’s Office Outfitters and the business began to run as it exists today as Nathan Office Interiors. It later moved to mid-town Albany on 1 Osborne Road.

Bill Nathan, circa 1980s.
Storefront of Greens Office Outfitters at 3 South Pearl, circa 1984.
Bill Nathan and his wife Elizabeth, circa 2000’s.

Present Day