Acoustic Solutions

We work with MergeWorks to offer acoustic solutions to businesses, schools and health care facilities. Check out the video below to see just how effective MergeWorks products are.

MergeWorks are the professionals that specialize in offering essential elements that enhance the functionality of your workspace. Their versatile products seamlessly integrate and complement any environment, enabling you to optimize space utilization, reduce noise, and enhance efficiency. From desk dividers and mobile walls to whiteboards and acoustic solutions, their product range covers a wide spectrum of options.

Check out their full list of products here.

EchoDeco® Woodgrain Tiles

Elevate the of your space while effectively managing noise atmosphere with the incredible Acoustic EchoDeco® Woodgrain Tiles. These tiles not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide exceptional style and sound balancing benefits.

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, solid colors, and captivating woodgrain patterns, our Tiles offer endless possibilities to help you achieve the perfect look you’ve been striving for. Each set contains varying quantities, depending on the size you choose.

These high-quality Tiles have a thickness of 3/8″ (9mm) and boast an impressive N rating ofRC 0.85, ensuring excellent sound absorption. You can select from 5 different Woodgrain patterns as well as 22 stunning solid colors to match your unique aesthetic preferences.

Choose between two hanging options to suit your needs: the removable adhesive system or permanent mounting using a standard construction adhesive (sold separately).

Rest assured that our Tiles are proudly made in the USA and are crafted with attention to detail. We also offer custom sizes and shapes to provide even more flexibility for your space.

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